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2016-05-04 17:03:10
 한방 에센스 마스크 클렌징 크림(자색고구마)
첨부파일 한방_에센스_마스크_클렌징_크림_자색고무마_sn.jpg   | 한방_에센스_마스크_클렌징_크림_자색고무마.jpg  

1.Product Features

-Cleansing cream that gently dissolves make-up and wastes in pores

-Natural plant ingredients revitalize tired skin with makeup and stress and maximize skin moisture after


-It is non-sticky and natural ingredients prevent excessive oil loss after cleansing and keep your skin in balance to keep your face dry.

-It is a vegetable cleansing ingredient that gives little stimulation to sensitive skin and nasty dry matter.

-It also gives moisture and moisturizing to dry and dry skin in winter.

2. Effectiveness

-Skin soothing

-Moisture retention

-Skin regeneration

-Trouble improvement

3. Main ingredients

-Purple sweet potatoes: anti-aging, increase immunity, decrease cholesterol

-RG1: Antioxidant effect, skin regeneration

-Lespedeza cuneata: Suppress collagen decomposition, prevent aging, suppress wrinkle formation

-Ginger plant: skin soothing, antihistaminic action

-Purslane: boils, dry skin, bug-healed wounds and relieves

-Rice bran: blood circulation, antioxidant, reduced cholesterol

-Perilla frutescens: detoxification function, blood circulation

-Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-atopy, anti-aging

-EM enzyme: anti-aging, dermatitis improvement

-Macadamia Nut: Moisturizing, skin regeneration, anti-aging

-Evening Flowers: Anti-inflammatory Action

4. Usage

- After soaking the face with warm water, make a full bubble with this product, then lightly massage it along with the skin texture to prevent moisture evaporation and keep fine skin texture by moisturizing and nutrition.

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