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2016-05-24 16:27:00
 숯 마스크
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1. Product Features

-Black charcoal powder helps to manage wastes and smoothness and smoothness. It is a mask pack that helps to reduce the pores of sea grapes.

2. Effectiveness

-Blackhead removal, pore management


-Reduce pores, antioxidant effect

-Skin care

3. Main ingredients

-Charcoal powder: blackhead removal, pore management

-Cheju volcanic ash: exfoliation, pore management

-Sea grapes: Reduce pores, antioxidant effect

-Olive oil: antioxidant, skin

4. Usage

-After cleansing, use a spatula or a hand on the face with the water removed.

-After 5 ~ 10 minutes, gently massage with warm water and wash.

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