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2016-04-15 14:42:12
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1. Product Features

-Ingredients such as goat ginseng and Rg1 inhibit aging and make healthy skin.

-Collagen synthesis, cell activity, skin protection and maintain elasticity and gives the skin revitalization.

-It inhibits the production of melanocytes and promotes the disPerilla frutescens, which has a skin whitening effect.

2. Effectiveness

-Moisturizing effect

-Flexibility effect

Antioxidant effect

Antioxidant wrinkle improvement effect

Complex whitening effect and anti-inflammatory effect

3. Main ingredients

Goat ginseng: anti-aging, anti-cancer blood pressure control, hematopoiesis

RG1: Antioxidant effect, skin regeneration

Lespedeza cuneata: Suppress collagen decomposition, prevent aging, suppress wrinkle formation

Ginger plant: skin soothing, antihistaminic action

Portulaca extract: Treatment of skin Chrysanthemum indicums, anti-cancer effect, antibacterial effect, soothing effect on anti-allergic reaction, convergence effect, moisturizing effect

Vitamin E; Antioxidant effect, skin damage suppression, moisturizing effect

L-Arginine: Prevention of skin aging and elasticity, cell growth and maintenance

Allantoin: keratin comprehension, anti-inflammation, anti-allergy, acne, atopy calm relief

4. Usage

Apply an appropriate amount and spread it gently, then tap it and absorb it.

It is recommended to increase the absorption rate by applying the toner to the skin, absorbing it with the serum and finally finishing it with the water cream.

Forbidden Water Cleansing Foam Skin Lotion Serum.

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