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2016-04-15 14:54:19
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1. Product Features

- Mulberry, Rg1 ingredients such as inhibiting the aging will make healthy skin.

-Collagen synthesis, cell activity, skin protection and maintain elasticity and gives the skin revitalization.

-Yelts the production of melanocytes and stimulates the release of the skin has a whitening effect.

2. Efficacy - Moisturizing effect

-Flexible - Antioxidant effect

-Antioxidant wrinkle improvement effect

-Complex whitening effect and anti-inflammatory effect

3. Main ingredients

-Mulberry: Antioxidant effect, blood flow improvement

-RG1: Antioxidant effect, skin regeneration

- Lespedeza cuneata: Suppression of collagen degradation, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle

-Ginger plant: skin soothing, antihistaminic action

-Portulaca extract: Treatment of skin Chrysanthemum indicums, anti-cancer effect, antibacterial effect, soothing effect on anti-allergic reaction, convergence effect, moisturizing effect

-Vitamin E: Antioxidant, skin damaging, moisturizing

-L-Arginine: Prevention of skin aging and elasticity, cell growth and maintenance

-Allantoin: keratin comprehension, anti-inflammation, anti-allergy, acne, atopy calm relief

4. How to use

-Apply the appropriate amount, gently spread it, tap it and absorb it.

-It is recommended to increase the absorption rate by applying the toner to the skin, absorbing it with the serum and finally finishing it with the water cream.

-Forbidden Water Cleansing Foam Skin Lotion Serum.

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