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2016-04-15 14:38:59
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1.Product Features

-Ingredients such as goat ginseng and Rg1 inhibit aging and make healthy skin.

-Its antioxidant properties and rich vitamin nutrients enhance the suppleness of the skin and keep the skin moisturized.

-Enhances skin elasticity to create firm skin.

2. Effectiveness

-Skin conditioning (moisturizing, softening effect)

-Antioxidant effect

-Antioxidant wrinkle improvement effect

-C-omplex whitening effect and anti-inflammatory effect

3. Main ingredients

-Goat ginseng: anti-aging, anti-cancer blood pressure control, hematopoiesis

-RG1: Antioxidant effect, skin regeneration

-Antioxidant effect, stimulation of blood circulation, moisture supply

-Ginger plant: skin soothing, antihistaminic action

-Chrysanthemum indicum: Atopy relief, fever, soothing, detoxifying effect

-Vitamin E: Antioxidant, skin damaging, moisturizing

-Shea butter: Skin protection effect, skin texture control, oil supply, skin soothing

-Marine collagen 20: skin conditioning agent, moisturizing effect, skin elasticity increase

-Phyto oligo: moisturizing, soothing, anti-inflammatory, atopic relief

4. Usage

-Apply a proper amount of the skin to the skin, spread it evenly, spread it lightly, absorb it, then apply it with a feeling of pulling up slightly from the center of the face to the ear area. Finally, gently press the neck towards the clavicle.

-Forbidden Water Cleansing Foam Skin Lotion Serum.

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