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2016-04-15 16:33:47
 금단수 Ginsenoside Rg1 활력 크림
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1.Product Features

-Red ginseng (Rg1) is a complex of new technology that is a two-step solution to care for aging and damage skin as well as inside.

-Red ginseng (Rg1), which has excellent antioxidant effect, helps skin wrinkles by suppressing skin aging.

-It also contains collagen and aloe vera leaf extract to help prevent aging.

-Both placenta extracts contain high concentrations of amino acids and proteins extracted from the placenta of sheep, and are effective in preventing aging and regenerating skin.

2. Effectiveness

-Antioxidant effect


-Skin regeneration

-Anti-inflammatory action

3. Main ingredients

-Aloe vera leaves: moisturizing, anti-aging

-Sunflower root: moisturizing effect

-Collagen: Anti-aging

-Korean angelica root: Antioxidant effect, blood circulation promotion, moisturizing effect

-Ginseng: promoting circulation, promoting elasticity, strengthening resistance, preventing aging, promoting regeneration

-Matsuggano: Atopic relief, sedation

-Red ginseng (Rg1): anti-aging, promote blood circulation

-Sheep placenta: Improve skin wrinkles, whitening effect, anti-inflammatory action, promote blood circulation

4. Usage

- After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount to the face, neck, and skin after finishing the foundation.

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